Dwelling Fire


Protection against destructive forces

Dwelling Fire Benefits

Arguably nature’s most destructive forces, this policy protects against direct damage by providing either replacement cost or cash value for a covered loss.

Plan Summary

Dwelling fire insurance is a focused policy, differing from broad form homeowners insurance. Dwelling fire policies protect a home against perils such as fire, hail or lightning.

Other Plans to Consider

While dwelling fire insurance is meant to cover your property against natural disasters such as hail, fire and lightning, separate policies are required for protection of your personal property. We also provide Homeowners, Personal Article, Dwelling Fire insurance coverages.


Personalized to your unique situation

Property Damage

If your own a rental or investment property and do not need to insure personal possessions, dwelling fire insurance will provide the protection for your property.

Vacation Homes and Seasonal Property

As a cheaper alternative to homeowners insurance, you may purchase dwelling fire plans for property you do not reside at year-round.

Alternative to Homeowners Insurance

If you are looking to cut costs or avoid large premiums, dwelling insurance can provide protection for your home.

Other Situations

If you live in an older home or a home that is valued at less than $50,000, than your home may only be eligible for dwelling fire insurance.


Together, lets find the right policy for you.

Our knowledgeable agents can walk you through the process of finding the right policy for you. He/she will go over these points and more to ensure you are equipped to make the right decision for your dwelling fire insurance policy.

How much will it cost to repair or replace my property if it is damaged or destroyed?

Ask your agent to talk you through your property’s value so you can make an informed decision about coverage.

What discounts may be available?

You may qualify for a range of discounts that your agent will help you uncover for increased savings.

What is the process of filing and settling a claim?

Our agents will make sure you know who to call and what happens after you file the claim.

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